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In New Blogger, we can easily (but not so practically), change the order of our posts. The only way to do it is by changing dates of our posts. At least for now.

That means, if I don't want my NEW post to appear as a FIRST one on the page, when composing it, I'll change it's date to the past (back date it). Now, even if it's just published, it will go "down" as far as I've set the date...This is practical when:

  • you're designing your blog, and want to make, for example, categories, or lists, menus....and you don't want those to appear as a regular post
  • you just want to change the order of your posts
  • and you'll think of more.....
To do it, go to:
DASHBOARD --> POSTING --> EDIT POSTS, click on "Edit" of the post you want to play with, and on the bottom of the box, click on the "Post Options".
Change the date. Publish the Post.


"Sticky" post is a post that will appear on your main page as a FIRST post. On the top of your Blog. Always (or as long as you want). This is convenient when:
  • you want a certain post to be the first thing your reader will see
  • you want to make some announcements, or navigation, categories, or anything else (giving your blog a website look)
  • it's practical, easy editable, and you can always remove it, of course...
I'll show you 2 methods of doing this:

1. Sticky Post by changing the date of a post
If you would like a certain post to appear (and stay) on the top, go to:

DASHBOARD --> POSTING --> EDIT POSTS, click on "Edit" of the post, and on the bottom of the box, click on the "Post Options". (look at the picture above).
  • change the date. Set it as far as you can in the future. Remember, when that date comes, your post will go down, so it's better to send it as far as you can.
  • publish the post
  • there's no limit on changing dates for posts. You can do it as many times as you want

This will not work if the post wasn't previously published. That means: you can't create a NEW POST, and set it's date in the future. If you publish it like this, it will be SCHEDULED.

2.Sticky post in a Gadget
You can use "Text", "HTML/Java Script" or "Picture" Gadgets to make your "Sticky". Go to:

DASHBOARD --> LAYOUT --> PAGE ELEMENTS, "Add a Gadget", and choose one from the list ("Text", for example).
Edit it, and place some text in it, or pictures, or whatever...."drag" the box in PAGE ELEMENTS above you post section, to make it appear Above posts.

  • advantage of this method: no changing dates, it appears on the top until you remove it, it's easy to edit
  • disadvantage: it's not same as composing posts. There's no "link" buttons for uploading pictures automatically, and you'll have to use HTML code a bit (maybe not, depends what kind of content you'll have)
  • in overall, it's a good method
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